Partnerships The Way They Ought To Be.

Tired of just being a number? Confused about that overly complex commission structure? Irritated that you’re point of contact is a glorified customer service representative?

Partner Program

At SECURE BANCARD we refuse to embrace the common name “Agent” widely used in the payment processing industry. We realize a relationship begins with a partnership therefore all our partners are referred to what they really are. . .partners. We understand your success is our success and vice versa. All our partners have front line access to our Executive Team. Our administrative team works diligently behinds the scenes so our Executive Team can be there to answer questions and grow your business.Contact us today to learn more. email

Referral Partner Program

Looking for a supplemental revenue stream without a being a payments industry professional? SECURE BANCARD offers a generous residual program for simply referring interested merchants to us. We do the work, we sign the merchants, we service the account. . .you EARN the LIFETIME residual. The perfect program for retirees, college students or those already servicing merchants in another capacity or field.

Referral Bank Program

No-liability program provides essential services for your institution to refer your business customers to SECURE BANCARD for a full package of merchant services. Plan benefits include monthly residual payments for processed sales, credit review within 12 hours of application completion, monthly merchant reports and comprehensive partner sales support.