Secure Bancard.
the alternative to big payment processors.

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At Secure Bancard, we do things differently here. We do what we say we’re going to do. And then we do more. We work relentlessly to deliver incredible customer service, backed by our dedicated staff of industry veterans as well as our innovative Pioneer platform. 

Whether you’re running a business or selling payment solutions to other businesses– you make the sale, and we’ll take it from there.

We don’t believe in highly bureaucratic, low-touch programs with little value. We built our business on trust, transparency, and integrity. We treat you just like we would want to be treated. And the best part is, we are directly accessible to you to help grow your business and serve your merchants.

Ever try to call your payment processor and get lost in a void of voicemails, emails, and service tickets? That doesn’t happen here. In fact, our partners often say we are the secret sauce because we are available, at any time, with our expertise and customizable programs, to help you grow.

Since 2012, we have delivered payment solutions via an easy-to-use, automated platform allowing for the best in merchant management and transparency. We let our technology do the work while we offer you control, flexibility and expertise.

If you are looking for a different payment provider experience, you’ve found it.


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A Note from
Our Founder

Kevin Smith,
Chief Executive Officer

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I had a humble start in payments back in 1990 by answering a help ad for a data entry clerk for an ISO in the LA area. This entry-level start means that I’ve worked my way through all of the operational functions of a processor, and I know what it takes to run an efficient and effective shop. The discipline I bring to my work comes from my service in the Marine Corps.

I’ve built successful ISO’s from the ground up as well as taken existing ISO’s from good to great. But Secure Bancard has been my most rewarding work yet. We’ve been able to invest heavily in technology to automate our business processes, leading to efficiency, effectiveness, and healthy profit margins for both our company and our partners.

The foundation of Secure Bancard is the relationships I’ve established after decades of work in payments.
Our partner relationships, established based on trust, and maintained based on our reputation, are our most important asset.