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Our Take on What's Happening in Payments

What is a merchant reserve, and how can you, as a merchant services sales office or agent, help your merchants manage this

How can you know whether you’re doing business with an ISO that can be trusted with fiduciary responsibility for your merchant’s reserve

If your merchants are having funds set aside in a risk reserve, it’s important for them to track exactly what’s in that

What happens when a risk reserve gets used for the purpose for which it was intended, that is, to cover losses? Here’s

Set it and leave it – this is the mindset that we have too often in the merchant services industry. But there’s

What is a reasonable customer acquisition cost in the land of merchant services? Well, like just about everything else in this world,

While you juggle payments relationships, are you trying to figure out which ones outperform the others in margin? This can be a

What is considered a fair revenue share on merchant residuals? There’s no hard and fast formula. But consider revenue share a sliding

What is one of the worst habits we see in merchant services?  Rekeying application data over and over. Why is this so