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Our Take on What's Happening in Payments

The 1099-K form is newer to the tax reporting scene in relation to its other 1099 form counterparts. The purpose of the

The Dispute Monitoring Program is Visa’s version of discipline and consequence for merchants who exceed the chargeback thresholds they deem as acceptable.

To understand debit interchange, we have to start with the Durbin Amendment. The law caps the interchange rate that can be charged on

A PIN debit transaction involves a customer who pays with a debit card and enters their PIN number.  These transactions are different

In merchant services, balance is important between underwriting and risk teams.  If left unchecked, these two teams can work against each other,

It’s bad enough to lose a merchant in your portfolio, but it’s even worse when a closed merchant is COSTING you money.

Sales offices seem to believe that the more complicated they make their compensation plan, the more attractive it will be to their

Customer acquisition cost is the amount of money spent to acquire new merchant services clients.  It can provide a lot of insight

What is considered a fair revenue share on merchant services residuals? There’s no hard and fast formula. But consider revenue share (or

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Bank Identification Number (BIN.) The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) oversees the standard