Payments Ground Game

Most ISOs are built on the foundation of a successful and productive sales force. But as they grow, many struggle to build an effective and efficient operational back office to adequately support those sales.

On Payments Ground Game, we go under the operational hood of payments ISOs. Let’s take a deep dive into the operational tactics you can use to strategically scale performance and the bottom line of your ISO.

Hosted by


Elaina Smith


Kevin Smith


November 29, 2023•00:21:40

Deciphering Customer Acquisition Cost for ISOs and Agents: The Math Behind Sustainable Growth

In this episode, hosts Elaina Smith and Kevin Smith take a close look at the crucial component of sales strategy: customer acquisition cost. The...


November 13, 2023•00:31:13

Software for the Payments Industry: Insights on Building vs Buying

In this episode of Payment...


October 30, 2023•00:36:01

Risky Business: Understanding and mitigating risk in merchant services

In today's episode, we'll be exploring the concept of risk in merchant services.  Why do applications get declined in underwriting?  Why do merchants get ter...


October 16, 2023•00:19:39

The Case for Quality over Quantity: Choosing the Right Processing Relationships for ISOs

One common misstep for ISOs is trying to manage too many processing relationships. While having diversification is important, spreading thin often leads to lack of lev...


October 6, 2023•00:16:07

Streamlining Processes for Improved Profitability: Insights for ISO Owners

Hosts Elaina Smith and Kevin Smith dive into the world of operational improvements for ISO owners.  In this episode they tackle five key areas that present massiv...


September 21, 2023•00:30:00

The Secure Bancard Formula: Mentorship, Risk-Taking, and Operational Excellence

As entrepreneurs in the payments industry, we've experienced the highs and lows of building and running an Independent Sales Organization (ISO...