Secrets of Building a Successful ISO: Integrity Has a Rightful Place in the Most Successful Payments Companies

Integrity has a rightful place in the most successful payments companies.

Success and operating with integrity aren’t mutually exclusive in merchant services.

We don’t know how the idea of anything contrary to this started, but it’s time to reverse it.

✨ We can do things the right way and be richly rewarded. Bring your own definition of rich, whether it’s financial, surrounded by great people, building a legacy, work/life balance, etc.
✨ We can opt out of using the complexity of payments to our advantage, and instead, work transparently and honestly.
✨ We can stop trying to make a quick buck via hidden, dishonest nickels and dimes (mega processors that try to recoup acquisition costs in this way, I’m talking to you.)
✨ We can lead by sharing knowledge instead of hoarding it.
✨ We can be honest stewards of the lifeline of funds for the businesses we serve.

Payments people who have figured this out are truly living the dream.

The right way is THE way.